GreenLight CBD Oil 5ml (THC Free)

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Coconut Oil (MCT) and CBD

CBD Content:

Shake well before use.
Take 2 drops twice daily under the tongue.
Do not exceed 20 drops within 24 hours.
Keep refrigerated and use within 60 days of opening.

5ml Bottle with dropper.
Contains both Mgs and % Volume on the bottle.
Has recommendations / warnings and storage instructions on both carton and label.



Chemical Free Chemical Free

GreenLight CBD oil is produced without the use of artificial chemicals therefore significantly reducing the number of irritants and side effects associated with chemicals.

Laboratory Tested Lab Tested

All GreenLight CBD oil is accompanied from the manufacturing site with a certificate of analysis which highlights all constituents present and ensures accuracy, consistency, confidence and safety.

Guaranteed CBD Percentage Guaranteed CBD Content %

GreenLight CBD Oil gives confidence and security to our users by ensuring that each dose contains the same level of CBD as the last. It also assists them in being better able to ensure the right dose, removing any concern associated with accuracy of dosing.

THC Free THC Free

GreenLight CBD Oil contains less than 0.005% THC. By having such low trace elements of THC, we remove the fear of cognitive or physical impairment. Tested & Certified.